The Nikon F5 is the camera that revived my love of film.  It focuses fast and accurately, it handles well, and it accepts a significant number of Nikon f-mount lenses.  This camera is a gem.

- Very accurate focus system
- Excellent metering system
- Locking controls
- Modern Nikon control layout
- Interchangeable focus screens and viewfinders
-Accepts almost all Nikon AI, AI-S, D and G lenses, including my 24mm PCE
- Focus compatibility with some AF-S/G lenses is hit or miss (I bought a manual focusing screen to double check as I go)
- AF/M switch on AF-S/G lenses doesn't communicate with the body, you must use the switch on the body itself to turn autofocus off when locked in (messed me up in MUP mode a few times)

Lenses I've used with this camera:
Nikon 28mm F2.8D (Perfect AF)
Nikon 50mm F1.8D (Perfect AF)
Nikon 35mm F1.8G (Perfect AF)
Nikon 35mm F1.4G (Perfect AF)
Nikon 28-80mm F3.3-5.6G (Perfect AF)
Nikon 80-200mm F2.8 D (Perfect AF)
Nikon 24mm F1.4G (AF hit or miss wide open, best after F4)
Nikon 50mm F1.8G (AF hit or miss wide open, best after F4)
Nikon 85mm F1.8G (AF hit or miss wide open, best after F4)
Nikon 14-24mm G (AF not always accurate, best between F5.6-16)
Nikon 18-35mm G (AF accurate but can miss wide open, best between F5.6-16)
Nikon 70-200mm F2.8 VRII (AF struggles sometimes wide open, accurate after F5.6)​​​​​​​
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