The Nikon F80 is a camera I purchased when getting back into film a few years ago.  It focuses accurately, handles well, and like the F5 it accepts a significant number of Nikon f-mount lenses.  I believe this is one of Nikon's most underrated film cameras.

- Accurate focus system
- Good metering system
- Modern Nikon control layout
- Simple to use
- Very affordable
-Accepts almost all Nikon AI, AI-S, D and G lenses, including my 24mm PCE
- Very light and plasticky feeling (although much better with the battery grip)
- Focus screen isn't well suited for MF lenses
- No sync port (but has a hot shoe)
- Poor battery life without the grip attached 

Lenses I've used with this camera:
Nikon 50mm F1.8D (Perfect AF)
Nikon 35mm F1.8G (Perfect AF)
Nikon 28-80mm F3.3-5.6G (Perfect AF)
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